Activ Mozaic

Activ Mozaic is a project of the Community Support Foundation, in which the imagination, creativity and talent of volunteers and beneficiaries are fully applied. Beyond the therapeutic, educational and formative value of this activity, their work in the workshop is materialized through an online shop of gifts, jewellery, decorations, personalized products for companies and many other interesting personalised items. Made with passion and care by volunteers, but also by children and the elderly assisted in our foundation, these products can bring you extra beauty and warmth in your home or office, they can be the perfect gifts for special occasions in your life, but also for corporate events.

Whether they are made of clay, textiles, wood or ecological materials, our products are unique and very diverse. In the Activ Mozaic workshop we can also make custom objects according to the model or idea of ​​our clients! By purchasing these products you contribute to the support of the social, medical and educational projects of the Community Support Foundation.


You can access the online Activ Mozaic shop by clicking the link below!