The volunteering programme

We make a living by what we do, but we make a life by what we give. — Winston Churchill

Our vision is for a united city, where all citizens get involved in solving the problems of the local community, volunteering their time, knowledge, abilities, energy, skills or experience for a healthier, happier society. We want a community where involvement in volunteer programs represents an universal value for all community members.

In order to meet this vision FSC started the Volunteers programme back in 2004. We work with over 200 volunteers, mostly high school students from Bacau and the county. The volunteers are encouraged to join the activities developed by the organization and to set up new projects.

The main activities of the volunteers

Activ Mozaic-The creative workshop

Activ Mozaic is the place where volunteers and beneficiaries create amazing decorations, jewelry or artistic objects  that are sold for generating income for the organization. The volunteers are also involved in designs, marketing and selling of the decorations. They learn about creativity, team work, competition, communication and  becoming future sponsors of the organization.

Angels in white coats

The volunteers, dressed in white hospital coats, go to the hospital sections where people are stuck in beds and move with difficulty. They offer their services by helping people to eat, move around, buy things, communicate, they are simply “there for you” as it says on their gowns.

Mozaic Centre

Mozaic Centre is located in Bacau and provides educational services to the children. The volunteers join the team of teachers and become “teachers” themselves by helping the beneficiary children with their homework and school activities. They also organize various fun activities, clubs (music, dance, trips, sports, etc.) for the children becoming older “brothers or sisters” for the children.

The summer schools in rural areas

Bacau high school volunteers go out in the villages and work together with the local children involving them in various attractive and educational activities: clubs ( music, painting, creation, sport, IT), healthy habits, respect for the environment, foreign languages, etc.  The volunteers learn to be responsible, to plan their teaching activities, to clean, cook or simply love a child from a village. The project is strongly educational and emotional and friendship is the key for changing lives.

Please visit the dedicated website of the volunteers for more details: