Day care centre for the elderly Dr. Stefan Ciobanu

The day center „Dr. Stefan Ciobanu ”is the daytime home for the elderly, a place where they can spend a few hours with dignity and joy, together with other peers. At the centre, the grandparents become active and feel useful, creative and happy!

The centre also assures medical assistance, medical rehabilitation and the necessary recovery, as well as occupational therapy.


Every day, about 30 elderly people spend their time at the centre in a pleasant and useful way:

  • Artistic and cultural activities: painting, drawing, dance, choir, press reading, poetry, editing the Day Centre newspaper, debates and lectures on various topics, meetings with important people from our city, etc.
  • Craft activities: tapestry, hand and machine sewing, embroidery, artistic weaving and ornamental arrangements of different materials, perforation, etc.
  • Fun activities: bingo, card games, chess, darts, backgammon, rummy, etc.
  • Special activities: International Day of the Elderly, Christmas, Easter, Eminescu Day, Romania’s National Day, etc.
  • Individual and group counselling for people who have problems in the family, with friends or neighbours, etc.
  • Meetings with specialists from different fields who offer beneficiaries the latest information in areas of interest for this category (doctors, priests, pharmacists, lawyers)


  • Physiotherapy and recovery of neuro-motor functions
  • Medical gymnastics
  • Monitoring of basic functions and medical counselling


The elderly benefit from support, counselling and social assistance for solving certain specific problems, including by facilitating discussions with specialists in different fields.