Social scholarships for disadvantaged young people

More and more studies show that the situation of children and young people in rural areas remains dramatic, the main causes being poverty, poor infrastructure, lack of economic development and opportunities.

Due to poverty, half of the children in the country drop out of school ending their education at eight grade. Many of them carry on tasks for their parents having to work in the fields or in animal stables.

Others have to commute daily to go to schools, and when they get home work in the household, until exhaustion. When it comes to continuing their studies in the city, parents do not even want to hear: they need help at home.

With exclusive support from donors and sponsors, of which Kaufland Romania is the main supporter, FSC has been offering a social scholarship program for over 10 years, which through results and impact has significantly improved the access to education of over 250 students from disadvantaged rural areas (eastern area of ​​Bacau County).

Beyond the material support consisting of scholarships of 200-250 lei / student, young people benefit from counselling and psycho-educational assistance to overcome difficulties related to adaptation to city life and to improve school performance and  are supported in career guidance. They are all encouraged to become volunteers and follow personal development programmes.

The number of young people benefiting from the annual program is about 60

Partners and funders

Kaufland Romania, Agricola and several individual donors from Romania, Norway and the United Kingdom, among whom we list and thank: Gabi Radley, Tudor Rosu, Cristina Lauer, Dr. Georgeta Huszar,  Alina Berea, Gabriela Chiribau, Colin William.